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CLASS 12 IP 2021

Please enjoy these offerings while accepting them as statements of the students’ personal views and creativity. All work on this site is the intellectual property of the student involved, and it is forbidden to uplift content and publish elsewhere.


Every year class 12 enter into the challenge of pursuing a project for the year and sharing it with a wide audience in the auditorium at the end of August. At that time, they build installations showcasing what they have been working at and speak on the stage, often with videos or images accompanying them. We were deep into the planning for this event when, for the second year running, Covid lockdown happened. Last year in 2020 we were in the same situation and created a magazine of articles as everybody’s project fitted that format, with photos and writing about their journey. This was shared with the school community via the Friday Flier and printed out in hard copies for the students themselves. Instead of being ephemeral, disappearing after the night of the presentations, it is now a permanent record, and shows how deep and important such a challenge is, taking them on unexpected journeys, helping them see their future paths in life with much greater clarity, and expressing their intimate trials and joys, with the satisfaction of completion.

Here we are again in 2021, and the projects this year will not fit a magazine format especially with the films and music being created, so we are doing something different. Oscar has created a website that provides access to all the work we wish to share, unlimited by a couple of pages in a magazine, with students showcasing their projects not just in writing, but through videos and whatever way suits their topic – and personality – best. Thank you so much to Oscar for his patience at putting up with us all!

So get yourself ready to experience this interesting, personal, moving and creative collection from a remarkable group of people.

~Jane Patterson.

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